Sunday, August 29, 2010

My great gramma's homemade badly taken photos...

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Now then, on to the noodles. These are my Dad's Grandma's noodles, or my version of them anyway. I grew up eating this soup, and if I died eating it I'd be a happy woman. Winter foods are my favorite, so although summer winding to a close is a little sad (Hello clouds! Hello rainy drizzle!!), having the weather to bake, roast, simmer, and really cook, makes me pretty happy.

This is a very simple recipe. You can make as many, or as few, noodles as you'd like. The proportions are this:

1 cup flour
1 egg
1 T half-n-half
dash salt

I do at least a double batch. For my crew, to have any leftovers, I have to do a triple batch. If I'm making these for the WHOLE family, which is 15 people if everyone is here, I'd quadruple it, for sure.

Start out with 3 cups of flour in a bowl, or on a counter if you are brave and enjoy messes. I don't particularly enjoy extra messes because I clean up enough as it is, so I go with a bowl.


Make a well in the flour and add 3 eggs.

To the 3 eggs add approximately 3 Tbsp half-n-half and about a TBSP of salt.

With a whisk, or your hand if you are into squishy raw eggs all over you, mix up the liquids well in the well. After you do this, take a wooden spoon, or your hands, and start slowly incorporating the flour from the sides of the well into the liquid.

Pretty soon it'll turn into a dough. It will get hard to stir and slightly less sticky. When it does, abandon the wooden spoon and dig in.

Slowly knead in, my hand, more flour until the dough is smooth and not sticky. Do you see all the flour left in the bowl in this picture? You'll have some left too. Sometimes quite a bit, sometimes not so much. Go with how the dough feels and looks rather than a measurement on the flour.


Lightly coat with oil and wrap in plastic wrap. Let it rest for 10-15 minutes. See again the left over flour? There was a lot this time! I might have added a bit more half-n-half than I was intending.

Using plenty of flour, roll dough out fairly thin. (I love that my husband wanted to jump in and roll out the dough! I definitely didn't have to ask him to stop watching Whale Wars or Man vs. Food or anything like that to come and hang out with me. Nope. Definitely not.)

After its rolled, take a pizza cutter and slice into strips. You can make these as wide or skinny as you like.

We have started cutting these into bite-sized pieces. Make it much easier on us during dinner to not have to chop up four bowls of noodles. If I had it my way though, I'd leave these long. That's how my mom always did it. Super long noodles. Yum.

Bring your soup (recipe for the stock and soup for another time!) to a rolling boil and add noodles, making sure to kind of separate them as you add in. Also, make sure you give the soup a good stir while its getting boiling again. Nothing worse than stuck together noodles. Just ask the judges on "Chopped".

Approximately 5-10 minutes later this is what you will be staring at.

My ultimate, winter, comfort food. The perfect bite.

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  1. oh my, that looks delicious! i am definitely going to try this! i would love the chicken soup recipe to go with it, my hubby is dying for me to make a good one!! thanks for sharing! ps. i love whale wars! lol


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