Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wow! Long hiatus! Cream of Broccoli Soup. Ah yum.

Its been a busy couple of weeks around here. I've been cooking up a storm, and mostly remembering to take pictures, but finding the time to actually sit down and post them has been a challenge. There is lots of big stuff going on around here, like Kindergarten apple day (whatever that is!), and turning almost 30. There have also been a few Spongebob marathons for the kids, a few Fringe, season 2, marathons for me and my husband, with a bunch of cleaning and wiping and yelling and crying in between.

In the midst of all of that I decided to make a batch of super easy, really yummy, cream of broccoli soup. Isaiah can't have the canned stuff anymore because of the soy allergy, so if we want cream-of-anything, we have to make it. Not that I'm complaining. I don't miss the chemicals-in-a-can variety at all. It always tastes good, but then I wash the dish and it soaps up and bubbles with no soap added and the whole idea of it begins to creep me out. Try it sometime. Its disgusting.

Back to the soup...Take a bunch of broccoli. I buy the pre-cut Costco variety. I use 6 cups or so. Toss it in a pan with some water. You can use chicken stock if you'd like. It would be fabulous. I didn't this time, but next time, for sure.


Cover the pot 'o' broccoli and let it simmer for quite a while, until all the broccoli is tender. You aren't really going for mush here, but definitely cooked through. When it is, pour in 3 cups of heavy cream, and 3 cups of half-n-half. This recipe is very easy to play with. You can adjust those to your liking, using more or less of one, and it'll still turn out great.


Let that heat through over med-low heat and then stick an immersion blender in a buzz away until the soup is combined and broccoli is chopped up and incorporated. If you don't have a stick blender you could certainly use a regular one, it would just be more messy.


Now let his simmer on low for a bit and get a butter roux going. I showed you how to make it a while back. Click HERE for a refresher.

Get the soup up to a low low simmer and then slowly incorporate the butter roux to slightly thicken the soup. You don't want it too thick. You can skip this step completely if you would like and just throw a whole stick of butter into the soup. It needs the butter though, in one way, shape, or form. It just goes with it. It deepens the richness of this soup in a real and necessary way.

From here on out you are done! The possibilities are endless. Sometimes I lightly steam some more broccoli and toss it in, then throw in a generous heap of sharp cheddar and eat it just like that. Other times, mostly the day after times, I'll saute some chicken breasts, chop them up, toss them in a baking pan, cover with noodles that are par-boiled, a ton of cheese, and pour copious amounts of this soup on the top then bake it, topped with more cheese. Its my version of one of my ultimate comfort foods, Chicken Divan. That's what my mom called it anyway. It stuck with me, much like this meal will stick to you. I'll post the step-by-step and recipe for that sometime in the not-too-distant future, as well as some other gems I've been saving up for one of the many, upcoming, rainy days.

Now though I'm off to enjoy the rest of the sunshine on this absolutely PERFECT fall day, and go get my 6 year old off the bus!

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