Monday, November 15, 2010

Raspberry Sauce, use for cheesecake, ice cream, or by the spoonfull...

Raspberry is in my top 5 favorite flavors list. It might be number one, depending on the quality of the berry I have in front of me. I love it that much. Some of the most memorable times from my childhood are picking raspberries out at my Grandparent's house, and in the winter, having Grandma heat up a bowl of those berries from the freezer, pouring some sugar over it, and letting me go to town. No better dessert than that!

This sauce is simple. The hardest part is taking the seeds out of it, and even that isn't really hard, just a bit time consuming. 

Seedless Raspberry Sauce
4 cups whole fresh raspberries
2 cups sugar
3 tbsp Chambord
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/4 cup water

1. Place berries and sugar into a sauce pan over medium low heat. Cook until liquid is released and sugar is dissolved, about 15 minutes. 

2. Take the berry mixture and press through a fine metal strainer. On occasion, with a different spoon, scrape the bottom of the strainer to remove any stubborn pulp that is sticking there.

3. Put back into a now cleaned out saucepan. Add Chambord, water, and vanilla. Stir well and simmer over low heat for another 10 minutes.

We made this tonight for a topping on the vanilla cheesecake I'll be bringing to Thanksgiving dinner. I hope I can keep my paws off of it until then! I had to 'test' it tonight on some Bryer's Natural Vanilla ice cream. 


  1. looks delish!! i've made my own before but not like this!

  2. Love fresh fruit sauces. Natural flavors shine through. I take my son to the farm during the summer to pick fresh fruits and he really enjoys it. And from the looks of it, you have lovely memories of the same. Thats so sweet your grandma gave you a bowl ob berries and you still are grateful for it to this day. SImple things truly matter. So what are the other 4 foods on your top 5 faves? Just curious. If its already within your blog than you must forgive me.

  3. @Lisa, the other 4 of my top 5? That is a good question! I am going to think on that and I'll get back to you...:)


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