Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WFMW - Drying, made easy. Bounce Drier Bar, my new laundry BFF

I have not raved about a product ever as much as I rave about the Bounce Dryer Bar. I love, love, LOVE this thing. I used to use liquid softener, religiously. Every load, measure out a cup of the blue stuff, pour into the Downey Ball, toss into the wash, and then...what? Nothing. The scent, and the softness, was never what I hoped it would be.

I tried using dryer sheets, but the end result also wasn't what I was looking for. The scent was too strong, or not strong enough, or the little balled up papers would get stuck in or on my clothes. Not big problems, for sure, but minor annoyances in my day-to-day cleaning routine. I have four little kids, three of which are big enough to take off their clothes, and put on new ones, WHEN EVER the urge strikes them. Not good. My laundry pile is often just as big as my laundry machines. Very classy and neat looking sitting right off of my kitchen. I can vouch for that.

These Bounce Dryer Bars though? Perfect. Stick the holder to the side of the dryer. Slide in the fabric softener bar. Forget about it...for MONTHS at a time. One less thing to worry about in my day is something to celebrate. They certainly add up when you keep at it!

Once upon a time I had received some coupons to try these from either, or Vocalpoint (both GREAT site to get a lot of great coupons and sometimes free product to try!), and ever since then I've been hooked.

Also, a great tip I've learned through the years is to toss in a dry towel into a wet load of clothes to speed up the drying time!

**Note...this post was in no way sponsored by anyone or any company. I rarely feel strongly about a product to blog about it, but this one makes the cut.

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  1. Thank you so much for writing about this product. I wanted to buy this so many times but not sure of it works as it claims. So glad I found your blog.


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